My adventure with music started in the year 1998, when I bought my first PC. Then a brilliant musical machines fascinated me and led to seek knowledge on “how to make music.” It started with the music trackers. Beginnings as usual, were difficult and tedious. I painstakingly honed skills and I looked “like others do.” Finally I reached the second stage of my work. I take the pseudonym DJ Speed and started making music Happy Hardcore. Style characterized by high dynamics, the simplicity and speed (about 200 beats per minute).

I managed to achieve the first success in this field. It was a positive review demo disc in the magazine “Techno Party” and the publication of the song on their website. I changed the configuration of my computer and music programs … began the era of more “serious” work. My interest directed toward techno (but not commercial), experimental, ambient. From the material that I created at that time I have collected songs on my first album, “Elastyka No.3 – Speed your generation.” This was the underground project released by label Catech Promotions. In connection with the promotion of album Elastyka No.3 I was invited to give interviews on the radios: Radioactive and Radio Centrum in Lublin in the cyclic program conducted by Alan White – Reakcja Techniczna. I published material from the two albums. At that time I experienced a short period of collaboration with the web portal Technikum.

The next stage of my work was the publication of my works on and cooperation with With my songs again have the opportunity to appear on the radio in a broadcast center Luiza Staniec – Your Demo. Gained experience and musical education helped me to develop my own style.

Now I create a different styles of electronic music, and promotes it to the music social network. The first such project was page on which I published six full-length album. The warm welcome of my work by the Jamendo community, motivated me to continue the intense work on other projects. I have also decided (promptings of fans) to set up profiles on portals, facebook and In preparation for the first commercial CD release, I decided to start an artist page available at

In 2012 I have started cooperation with Mexican vocalist Araceli Collazo aka Paloma Negra. In 2014 you will be have possibility to listen birth of our creation. Cordially invite you and have a nice listen. I’m very glad for any feedback. Libra